3D Product Configurator: 6 Ways To Increase B2B Sales


B2B (business-to-business) enterprises often receive unique product demands that require custom solutions to fulfill them. These digital solutions have helped many companies meet their needs and increase sales over the past few years. The solution is a 3D product configurator.

Product configurators are an essential component of a CPQ Suite. They allow you to customize complex product requests and generate real-time quotations.

You can also save money by having better sales processes, fewer manufacturing defects, automated services, or better customer engagement.

What Is A 3D Product Configurator?

A 3D product configuration tool is a digital tool that utilizes live 3D models to help customers with personalized visualization options. The 3D configurator allows customers to preview and customize their products while also receiving accurate, real-time price quotations. This enhances the customer’s purchasing experience.

A 3D product configurator can help businesses reduce their return rates, increase sales, and improve brand engagement.

There Are Ways To Increase Your B2B Sales

As customers are looking for more customized products, DIY and self-service platforms gained popularity. B2B businesses can make use of the amazing potential of the 3D product configurator to increase their sales, give a personalized user experience and get better product feedback.

Here are six ways a 3D product designer can help you increase sales in your B2B business:

  1. Customers With Higher Satisfaction

It has never been harder to bridge the gap between customer expectations and your actual delivery. Buyers don’t want to wait for weeks or days before receiving their order and deciding if it fulfills their expectations. For more demanding customers, businesses invest a lot of money in improving their sales processes.

Customers will move to other brands if you don’t offer the ability to customize their order or get a quote fast. Let’s assume you sell furniture. Customers can interact with the product and have full control by customizing certain specifications such as width, color, depth, and height.

  1. Low Return Rates

Satisfied customers will not return your product, reducing your return rates. A 3D configurator not only increases customer satisfaction but also makes sure that your product doesn’t get returned or dumped when it doesn’t meet the customer’s expectations.

  1. Low Need For Sales Representatives

To obtain information about a product like its price, availability, customization options, and delivery dates, customers must reach out to sales representatives. After you have shared your preferences and requirements, the sales representative will discuss possible configurations with you. This takes a lot of time and is draining on resources.

You can quickly determine the needs of your customers calculate a price for product customization and then direct them to a simplified purchasing process.

  1. More Data Means Better-Optimized Products

Customers who interact with the 3D product configurator leave valuable data. You can use this data to increase customer engagement. It is possible to track the most popular areas and product preferences in which customers feel disengaged, confused, or both.

This vast amount of data will allow you to provide better service for your customers by enabling them to sell better, improve product functionality, and ultimately, better customer engagement.

  1. With Customized Selling, You Can Get A Higher ROI

Naturally, every sale must generate profit. How can a 3D product designer improve the ROI? First, you can lower production mistakes. The online product configurator allows you to set up many features and settings, especially for B2B. This allows customers to automate checks on the products to determine feasibility.

  1. Third-Party Software Integrations (ERM/CRM, Etc.)

By facilitating integration with third-party software, a 3D configurator aims to simplify the retail experience. You’ll be able to build strong customer relationships, which will ultimately lead to increased B2B sales. If a customer is unhappy, it’s not worth it.

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