The Secrets to Looking Fabulous in a Shirt

Take a look at the streets around the place you live. Chances are, you’ll find men wearing baggy and loud T-shirts.

Is it possible to look stunning in a shirt? Should fashion-conscious men wear shirts only to go to the gym or for yard work?

In reality, full sleeve shirts are necessary to look good. There is a place in every man’s wardrobe for a shirt. You must be aware of the details to look good in a shirt. The shirt may seem simple, but it can do so much more than that.

TIP 1: Pay Attention to the Dress Code

Many functions require a formal suit and tie or a long-sleeved shirt and collar. You can wear T-shirts if the event is casual.

If you are required to, don’t go against the dress code. It doesn’t matter if you look great or how confident your outfit is. Shirts are just like denim jackets or flip-flops. They have their place. Respect others’ occasions.

Tip 2: Understand Your Body Type

You should know the main male shapes to determine your chances of looking good wearing a shirt. The truth is that every body type and size will look different in the first shirt you try.

If you’re a big man or very tall, you will know how much extra weight you have in your midsection. Tight-fitting shirts won’t conceal this. A shirt could be flattering for those who are slimmer than you.

A shirt can make your body look fantastic even if you aren’t fit and muscular. However, you will need to pay special attention to tips 4 and 5.

Tip 3: Nail It the Fit

The Style Pyramid revolves around fit. This is the basis of all other parts.

  • You need two things to make your T-shirt fit.
  • It should be tailored to your body.
  • It shouldn’t restrict movement or cause discomfort.

Why should you pay so much attention to the fit? Because fitting is a core part of the style. Your masculine figure will be highlighted by clothes that fit properly, while clothes that don’t fit well hide it. It’s that easy.

Is The Shirt Snug Around Your Chest, Waist, And Hips?

Do your shoulder seams meet at the ends of your shoulders when you look down? The shoulder seams could be too low or too tight, depending on how close they are to your neck.

Tip 4: V-Necks or Crew Neck

V-necks suit fitter men best. A deep cut accents and highlights a bigger chest. A V-neck makes it appear taller and balances out a shorter neck or narrower face.

For men with a slimmer frame, crew necks work better. This style is less likely to expose your neck and draws attention to your upper chest. It’s also a great option for men who still need to attend the fitness center.

Tip 5: Selecting the Right Material

Fabric plays a major role in determining the shirt’s quality. You must look fabulous in a shirt. The best T-shirts will have a superior fabric. Two T-shirts can be the same in design and color.

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